About Us

Wonderful Indonesia

Guest is not a king, but they are family. We will serve them as family and as a friend.

We help fellow tourism actors

We work from the heart

Koonam is an original Indonesian brand that has been established since 2017. Since the beginning Koonam has been managed by CV. Koonam Kipa and now has changed management to PT. Kun Cumi Indonesia since 2023. Koonam has a mission to help local tourism actors from each region. Therefore, Koonam opens the opportunity for you to talk directly with local tour operators.

Mr. UC

Hard worker and disciplined in carrying out his work. Likes to help others and is always friendly to everyone. The status is still available to the public.

Mr. KC

A man who is always surrounded by great women both at home and at work. Always tries stupid things beyond his ability and will still be like a fool

Mrs. V

Enthusiasts and food connoisseurs who are a bit crazy in her field. Always try and enjoy crazy things beyond our reasoning.

Mrs. SK

A tough woman who is always wise and firm in making decisions and is responsible for her decisions. The status is still available, so those who are interested are welcome.

Mrs. NV

Sitting while enjoying music and traveling is her hobby. For something crazy and you could say extreme, he had never felt before.