11 Days Flores Komodo Tour

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11 Days Flores Komodo Tour

  • 11 Days 10 Nights
  • Max People : 5
  • Min Age : 10+

Flores and Komodo are two islands located in the eastern part of Indonesia, specifically in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. Flores is the largest island in the province, while Komodo is a smaller island located to the west of Flores.

Flores is known for its stunning natural landscapes, including the three-color lakes of Kelimutu, which change colors due to the minerals present in the water. The island is also home to numerous traditional villages, where visitors can witness the unique customs and culture of the local people.

Komodo, on the other hand, is famous for its wildlife, specifically the Komodo Dragons, which are the largest lizards in the world. The island is home to the Komodo National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a Biosphere Reserve. Apart from the Komodo Dragons, the park also has a diverse range of flora and fauna, including various bird species and marine life.

Both Flores and Komodo are popular tourist destinations, offering visitors a unique and unforgettable travel experience. Visitors can take a variety of tours, including trekking tours to see the Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat, hiking tours to explore the volcanic landscapes of Flores, and cultural tours to visit the traditional villages and learn about the local way of life.

Overall, Flores and Komodo offer travelers a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and unique wildlife that make for an unforgettable adventure.

Price Includes

  • Private charter Car (inova for 2-5 pax) & ELF for group 10-12 pax)
  • Private charter Boat full day in Riung & 3D2N live on board cabin AC boat explore Komodo
  • Hotel based on Deluxe share twin room
  • Full board meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner), mineral water
  • English-speaking driver/guide
  • All entrance ticket (Kelimutu lake, Wolo Gai traditional village, Bena village, Riung, Ruteng Pu’u, Spider web rice field, Wae Rebo & Komodo)
  • Coffee/tea on boat
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Ranger fee, government retribution
  • Donation in Wae Rebo, Bena, Ruteng Pu’u and Wolo Gai village
  • Fresh food on boat

Price Excludes

  • Flight ticket & Airport tax
  • Tipping
  • Any Private Expenses
  • Travel insurance

Day 1Ende - Moni (L,D)

Places to visited: Moni village

Meeting point in the airport of Ende, lunch served in restaurant in Ende then after lunch driving to Moni. Overnight in Hotel Eco-Lodge or similar. Dinner will be served in hotel or restaurant nearby.

Day 2Kelimutu - Wolo Gai - Bajawa (B, L, D)

Places to visited: Mount Kelimutu (Three colour crater) & Wolo Gai village

Early morning wake up at 04:00 driving up to Mount Kelimutu to enjoy Sunrise and three colour crater lake of Kelimutu. Kelimutu lake is sacred to the local people, who believe the souls of the dead migrate here. Young people’s souls go to the warmth of Tiwu Koo Fai Nuwa Muri (Lake of Young Men and Maidens), old people’s to the cold of Tiwu Ata Bupu (Lake of Old People), and those of the wicked to Tiwu Ata Polo (Bewitched or Enchanted Lake).

From the top of the hill, you will enjoy beautiful scenery walking back to parking spot then driving to hotel for breakfast. At 09:00 driving to Bajawa with a stop to see traditional village of Wolo Gai. Wologai is a traditional village located in the Ende Lio area, precisely in the Detusoko sub-district, Ende regency. This traditional village is 800 years old with a meaningful traditional building form. The uniqueness of this traditional house building lies before the commencement of construction because it is not allowed to build a house carelessly. The construction of a traditional house must be carried out by the “Naka Wisu” ritual, namely by slaughtering a chicken then cutting down a tree in the forest at midnight. The tree is then used as a support pole for the house. Then continue to Bajawa and stop for lunch in the beautiful beach of Blue Stone beach. After Lunch continue to Bajawa, stay overnight in Hotel Edelweis or similar. Dinner will be served in the restaurant nearby.

Day 3Bajawa - Bena - Riung (B, L, D)

Places to visited: Bena village, Riung

Breakfast in your Hotel, after breakfast driving to Bena Village to see traditional village of Bena. Bena village has a unique and typical building structure resembling a ship. This village has 43 traditional houses, of which there are 2 types of traditional houses that have different forms than other traditional houses. form of interior architecture of the traditional village house of Bena can not only be understood as an expression and cultural artifact of the local indigenous people, but also the values, image and soul contained in it. There are 2 traditional houses called Sa’o saka pu’u which are the main house or the center of a traditional house that symbolizes the ancestral home of women and Sa’o saka lobo is a traditional house that represents the ancestors of men.

Afterward driving to Riung, Lunch will be served in local restaurant in Riung then check in Hotel Del Mar/similar and free time. Dinner will be served in Hotel

Day 4Kalong Island - Bako Island - Tiga Island - Tembang Island - Rutong Island (B, L, D)

Places to visited: Riung Archipelago

Breakfast in your hotel, at 09:00 start our island hoping tour explore 4 islands; Kalong island to see thousand of Bats hanging in the Mangroves then sail to Bako Island for snorkelling then sailing to Tiga island for BBQ lunch. After lunch sail to Tembang island for snorkelling then the last snorkelling in Rutong Island. Afterward sailing to Riung and transfer to hotel. Dinner will be served in Hotel.

Day 5Riung - Pota - Dampek - Ruteng (B, L, D)

Places to visited: Lotus lake (Pota), Pu’u village

Breakfast at 07:00 then start driving to Ruteng through the north side of Flores Island, enjoy beautiful scenery of the beach along the way of driving. Stop to see Lotus lake in Pota. The lake with full of Lotus flower afterwards driving to Dampek. Enjoy the home service BBQ lunch in Dampek village.

After lunch start driving to Ruteng and visit Ruteng Pu’u village. Ruteng Pu’u, is the site closest to the city representing the Manggaraian architectural building in a small village which consists of two thatched roof drum houses (Mbaru Niang) with a large yard and oval shapedstones called compang.

Along with other houses, the mbaru niang sit side by side in a circular pattern. In the local language, Ruteng means fig tree and presumably the village’s name comes from the numerous fig trees nearby. Afterward driving to hotel, dinner will be served in restaurant nearby.

Day 6Cancar - Denge - Wae Rebo (B, L, D)

Places to visited: Spider web rice field (Cancar), Wae Rebo

Breakfast in your Hotel, after breakfast start driving at 08:00 to visit Spider web shape rice field of Lingko Meler. The huge scenic round spider web shaped rice field is a representation of the complex unique Manggaraian agricultural lifestyle, especially in terms of distributing the fields to each family within a village community. Lingko means farmland, and the allocated share depends on the family’s size. Lines are drawn from the center of the circular field to the outer edge, defining the size of a family’s land as a certain part of the resulting pie segments.

Afterward driving to Wae rebo with a stop for lunch in Denge village. After lunch start trekking about 3 hours to the remote village of Wae Rebo. Wae Rebo is A remote unique traditional village located at ± 1126m above sea level which is surrounded by a green mountainous landscape and consists of seven conical shaped Manggaraian traditional houses. The rich biodiversity in the forest, especially of birds and different plants along the way, makes the hike to the village with its welcoming inhabitants more adventurous and memorable. Respect the local values by showing respect and behaving appropriately. Stay overnight in the dorm traditional house. Dinner with local cuisine will be served in the dorm. Wae Rebo take you to the hundred’s years past of dietary habit

Day 7Wae Rebo - Labuan Bajo (B, L, D)

Early morning get up to enjoy Sunrise then breakfast in the Dormitory at 08:00 then walking back to Denge village through the same way. From Denge driving to Labuan Bajo with a stop for Lunch in small restaurant in Lembor. After lunch driving to Labuan Bajo. Check in hotel Luwansa/similar. Dinner will be served in Hotel or restaurant nearby.

Day 8Labuan Bajo - Kelor Island - Majarite - Kalong Island

Places to visited: Kelor island, Majarite, Kalong island

Breakfast in Hotel then prepare your luggage to go on board with local boat for 3 days. Pick up in the lobby of your hotel at 09:00 driving to the port to catch our boat. Sailing to Kelor Island about 1 hour, in the island you spend the time with snorkelling enjoy beautiful corrals and a short hard trekking to the top of island for shore scenery, back to boat and having lunch.

Afterwards sailing to Majarite for next snorkelling. After snorkelling sailing to Kalong Island. Here you will enjoy the sunset and see a lot of Bats flaying out from the Mangroves and enjoy coffee break before dinner and sleep on boat.

Day 9Padar Island - Komodo Island - Pink beach - Taka Makassar - Manta point - Siaba island (B, L, D)

Places to visited: Padar island, Komodo island, Pink beach, Taka Makassar, Manta point

Early morning at 05:00 trekking to the Top of Padar Island. From the top of this beautiful island, you will be pampered by the charm and shore scenery of the small island around afterwards back to boat and having breakfast while sailing to Komodo. Trekking to see Komodo dragon in Komodo Island afterward sailing to Pink beach for relaxing and snorkelling. Beautiful garden coral reefs under the sea along the snorkelling area and many species of fishes you will meet. Lunch on boat then sailing to Taka Makasar for relaxing and snorkelling to see Manta Rays. Afterward sailing to Siaba for overnight on boat. Dinner will be served on boat.

Day 10Kanawa Island - Bidadari Island - Labuan Bajo (B, L, D)

Places to visited: Kanawa island, Bidadari island

Breakfast on boat then snorkelling to see Turtles and beautiful coral reefs then sail to Kanawa Island, in Kanawa Island you will again be pampered with beautiful corals and a lots of fish species come closer. Lunch on boat then sailing to Bidadari Island for last snorkeling before sail heading back to Labuan Bajo. Check in Hotel and dinner will be served in hotel.

Day 11Hote - Airport (B)

Breakfast in Hotel then transfer to the Airport. Tour End.

  • Please send copy of Passports/KTP for our preparation
  • Please advise in advance if any special request such as FOOD ALERGY, VEGETARIAN, or DEASE etc to avoid any risk during traveling with us
  • Please pay attention to all instruction given by your guide for a protection and safety reasons
  • WHAT TO BRING: Mosquito spray/cream, Sun block cream, trekking shoes & heat
  • A menstruation woman is not allowed to do trekking in Komodo Island
  • Last Minute booking: 7 days before the trip (168 hours)