Privacy Policy

Koonam takes the protection of your privacy and your personal data very seriously. We would therefore like to explain what data we collect, what we use it for and how we protect your data.

General information on data protection

What data do we collect?

  • Booking
    Whenever you make a reservation using Koonam, we collect the data that we require to make the reservation, particularly your name, telephone number and e-mail address (“contact details”),
  • Contact
    General questions may be addressed to us using the Contact field. In order to be able to process your enquiries, we collect your contact details. This data is deleted again once the enquiry has been dealt with.

Who gets my data?

Whenever you make a booking using Koonam, your booking details are passed onto your chosen partner to enable the reservation to be made. Apart from this, your data is not passed on to any third parties. Under no circumstances will Koonam sell or lend out your contact details. In exceptional circumstances, legal regulations, judicial or official orders may require us to hand data over to the relevant authority or court. However, this is only undertaken within the framework of our legal obligations.


Information on data protection

How secure is my data on the Koonam database?

We apply Koonam strict safety standards for our database and internet server in order to provide effective protection against loss, misuse, divulgence, alteration and deletion of and unauthorized access to your dta.



What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information that your browser stores on your computer’s hard disk. They simplify booking by automatically calling up frequently-used data on sites you have already visited. You can set your computer to not store any cookies on your computer. However, this may prevent you using some of the functions we offer. The basic “search-and-book” functions can also be used without cookies.